May. 8th, 2013

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As much as John hated to admit when Sherlock was right about something, in this case, there was really no other option. Beyond keeping the knocked-out powered people stable, there was little else to do besides take regular blood samples.

The fact that what they considered stable had deteriorated from "unconscious but otherwise fine" to "not actively suffering from cardiac arrest or lung failure" was not something John was even remotely comfortable with. The fact that nineteen lives were at stake and he couldn't do anything to help any of them was something that scared and angered him.

Spending hours comparing markers in blood samples across a four-day period wasn't helping him stay positive about it much, either.

Sighing, he pulled up the latest analysis of Captain Rogers' blood, punched in a command to the program and watched in resignation as the chart came up across the screen. "Computer, begin recording," he murmured. "Subject 4, Captain Steve Rogers. Day 5, 2205 hours. Samples drawn over the past twelve hours show little change in oxygenation or white blood cell count. Subject has not experienced a crash in over twenty-four hours..."

He finished his notes a little while later and indulged himself in laying his head down on his arms. Just for a minute, he thought, yawning into his elbow. I'll get to the next one in just a minute.

Find the good doctor passed out on his desk at any point during the late night, early morning hours.


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