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where have you been all my life (and when are you going back?)

"You're never going to convince me," John said, shrugging. "I'm sorry, Sherlock, but not even you are good enough to understand the random pranks that replicator likes to play on us." He ignored the way Sherlock rolled his eyes (he was a pro, by now, at that) and followed him around the corner from the Aurelia concourse to the main hallway.

They reached the lift and John hit the button to call it down, turning to face Sherlock with his arms crossed over his chest. "There's no way you're getting me to believe that ordering tea from the science lab replicator is putting the ratborgs off their food."

He didn't bother pointing out that if Sherlock were correct about his ability to affect the replicator's output, it was a surefire way to get him to go out of his way to order tea from it as often as possible. Anything that brought those things closer to the demise they deserved was a deed well done in John's book.
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The argument itself was perfectly circular; but it wasn't enough that John had agreed to stop getting tea in the lab -Sherlock needed him to understand.

"It's really a very simple concept, John. You sure it won't wound your pride too much to have me explain it again?"
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Mystique had been on her way back from the theater when she'd seen the lift light up. It had been on the far end of the hall from her, a distance encompassing close to a city block, and she had taken a brief second to stare, dumbfounded, at the lit arrow before throwing herself into a sprint, full-tilt.

"Wait!" she'd snarled at it, but the chime sounded and the light went out. She'd hammered uselessly on the buttons, and when it had become clear it wasn't responding, she'd just stepped back and stared. It had been the time she'd seen any sign of life from anything up here besides the replicators and the theater screen-- whenever she'd attempted to use the elevators, it had been as if they were simply no longer functioning on her floor.

Then, as she was standing there, the door slid open.

She got inside, pressed the button for the main floor-- it didn't respond-- but the had doors closed smoothly regardless and the lift actually began moving. She'd expected a few things: to end up on the same exact floor she'd began on, to find herself on a new floor entirely, or possibly (if she was extremely lucky) to end up in the same wing she'd been on when the lift had gone haywire on her in the first place.

She hadn't expected to end up face to face with John and Sherlock.

Her first impulse is launch herself at them-- maybe a result of too much time alone, or maybe she's just forgotten that there are a few people on the station she wouldn't try to take out in a dark corridor-- but their surprised looks stop her. Raven glances past them, identifying the floor. She's back.
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